Jacob’s paperwork

Various documentation from Jacob’s travel to the United States. 

The parts I can understand say:

Dispatch office the german field workers central to Berlin

Worker Legitimations Card issued on the basis of ministerial decree from 21 December 1907

Name: Jakup Pycior   Homeland: Galicia  Place: Sobow

Dismissal License.. has been with us from 15 October 1908 to (illegible) in work...

Receipt Card no 2 for Jakob Pycior...

Stamps for something, this is difficult to read.


Jacob’s journals, 1915

Jacob had several of these journals filled with what looks like poetry, and it seems like he wrote it himself… the small amounts I’ve been able to have translated seem to be original works (but this needs a lot more research). What Justin was able to read looked like emotional, angry reactions against what was happening to Poland (by Germany) in the nineteen-teens.

hand-written reciept

Jacob has plenty of these hand-written receipts for various services performed by friends and neighbors. Not sure if this is something everyone did, but he was certainly the kind of person who wanted everything in writing, and he saved everything!