our story

Smiths37This is the story of my family, at least as far as I know it. I’m not a historian, but my grandparents saved what seems like every document that came into their lives – from the bank’s letter saying grandpa Walter paid off his car, to the papers my great grandfather carried with him across the Atlantic, to the journals my grandmother kept on her travels to Israel.

As I build this site, I’ll add photographs, documents, and writings, and I hope to organize them in a way that makes them easy to access. I appreciate people’s comments, stories, memories, recipes, or anything else that would be useful here.

I’ve put some time into gathering this information, but our cousin on the Smith side, Justin L. Smith, has generously shared his research into his family tree, and has contributed enormously to the knowledge and clarity of our lineage. If you are a direct descendant of Pearl (Smith) Pycior, Justin may be willing to give you access to his research on ancestry.com – it really helps put things in perspective!

Thank you everyone, for your continued help.

Erin (Pycior) Dodson


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